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  • Hitachi Solutions provides Microsoft Dynamics solutions, from consulting to implementing, operating and maintaining systems. Serving primarily consultants commended for their excellence by Microsoft Corporation, Hitachi Solutions is making work more efficient and improving services for clients around the world. Our Field Automation Services, a template for field service work, has been adopted by clients in manufacturing, medical devices and other fields in 16 countries.
  • Interactive Whiteboards StarBoard: StarBoard interactive whiteboard shows what is on your computer screen, giving you the ability to write information on the screen and control your computer from the board. More than 200,000 units have been sold in 71 countries worldwide, for both the education and corporate markets.
  • Hi-Speed Transcoder, which transcodes rapidly for broadcast and production video files. Converts to other video formats with automatic video quality checking, including for blackouts, freezes and mute. Streamlines and accelerates file-based video production.

Case Study

Novus Leisure(UK)

Novus Leisure is a premium bar company with about 50 venues, mostly in the center of London. The company adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give the sales force the information, the tools, to really take their performance up a couple of notches. The system enabled them to see better customer service, better customer attraction, just a whole range of benefits.

Hitachi Solutions Business Solutions Group Review

Hitachi Solutions Business Solutions Group Review

Hitachi Solutions Group prides itself on helping our clients to compete with the global enterprises with powerful, easy to use, and affordable industry solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From business strategy development through application deployment and maintenance, our consultants are committed to helping clients quickly realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable ROI. "Global Center of Excellence" of Hitachi Solutions America strategically promotes the Microsoft Dynamics business of Hitachi Solutions Group globally.