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GeoPDF Solution

What's GeoPDF?

GeoPDF is an expanded PDF format with geospatial information, such as longitude/latitude and viewed by Adobe Reader.
Geospatial data is applied to many areas, from activities for prevention of disasters to managements of natural resources. But handling those kind of data usually requires special applications and high skills. GeoPDF provides skill-free and interactive solutions for geospatial dataset.
GeoPDF allows you:

  • To view geospatial information by Adobe Reader!

  • To add notes on GeoPDF map!

  • Offline usage!

  • To share compatible data with other GIS applications!

GeoPDF Features

Five features of GeoPDF which provides more convenient and simple digital map with geospatial data.

1. Easy-to-use

GeoPDF can be used without GIS applications and special skills for GIS. You can see PDF-type digital map with geospatial data on Adobe Reader/Acrobat with a free toolbar for GeoPDF.


2. Easy-to-go

GeoPDF is suitable to use outside the office, since the data size is very small compared to the original satellite imagery ot geospatial dataset. For field workers, GeoPDF will be the best solution to share geospatial information.


3. Offline usage

No need the internet connection. GeoPDF can be used even if all network connections are shut down because of the disasters.

Offline usage

4. Add notes and comments with geospatial information.

Notes and comments can be added as GeoMarks on GeoPDF. All GeoMarks have geospatial information and can be exported to KML/SHP files. This feature enables to be imported to other GeoPDF files or GIS applications.

Insert GeoMarks

5. Easy-to-share updated information

All added notes and comments on GeoPDF can be imported/exported easily. This feature helps to share update information among lots of other users.

Easy-to-share updated information

Use Cases

GeoPDF can be applied for many cases from disaster prevention to digital map deployment. In each case, GeoPDF is very effective to figure out the situations and share the information.

1. Disaster/Hazard mapping

GeoPDF can be used to estimate the damege condition.
Here is GeoPDF of Japan earthquake and tsunami, composed of residence maps before Tsunami and satellite imagery after Tsunami. GeoPDF of the area affected by earthquake was donated to Japanese govenment for free and used to estimate and confirm the damage.

Tsunami hit area

©DigitalGlobe / Zenrin

2. Security

For security of President Obama inauguration parade route, GeoPDF was applied. GeoPDF was used for to make a plan of security officer's placement and reporting the situations.

Inauguration parade route

3. Facility management

GeoPDF can be applied for facility management such as water pipes, power plants, roads and railroads.

infrastructure management

4. Deployment digital maps

USGS(United States Geological Survey) published about 60,000 maps by GeoPDF format. GeoPDF can work as digital map since geospatial coordinates are contained. The number of downloaded maps was incredibly increased from 4,000maps/month to 60,000maps/month after applying GeoPDF.

digitalizing paper maps


We have three products for GeoPDF solution.

  • TerraGo Publisher Suite

  • TerraGo Composer Suite

  • TerraGo Collabotation Suite

TerraGo Publisher is for generating GeoPDF, TerraGo Composer is for composing GeoPDF, and TerraGo Collaboration Suite is for using GeoPDF. Through all these products, you can inter- use your geospatial data more effectirvely with other GIS applications and maps.


Main features of each product

TerraGo Publisher

  • Works on ArcGIS and generates GeoPDF from map data such as satellite imagery with geospatial coordinates or geospatial data.

  • Multiple dataset can be included to single GeoPDF file as layers.

  • All attributes and hyperlinks of each object on GIS dataset can be output to GeoPDF.

TerraGo Composer

  • Assembles multiple GeoPDF files and generate a single GeoPDF.

  • Composes atlas of digital maps with hyperlink inside-MapBook.

  • Converts scanned paper map to digital GeoPDF by adding geospatial coordinates(longitude/latitude).

TerraGo Toolbar

  • Displays coordinates information.

  • Measures specified length/area.

  • Adds notes and figures on GeoPDF as GeoMarks.

  • Exports GeoMarks added to GeoPDF(SHP, KML) which can be imported to other GeoPDFs and GIS applications,

  • Imports GeoMarks.

  • Tracks GPS and display the current location on GeoPDF.

Sample GeoPDF

You can find some GeoPDF samples here.
Before downloading sample GeoPDFs, please install TerraGo Toolbar, a plug-in for Adobe Reader/Acrobat for handling geospatial data on GeoPDF.


About the price, please contact us!

This product meets eight criteria, energy conservation, resources saving, reusability, etc, defined by Hitachi Group’s DfE (Design for Environment) Assessment.

GeoPDF can help environmental-friendly map use such as paper-less fieldwork, easy input/share of digital survey results and efficient re-use.