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Financial Systems Business

Contributing to the Society through the Development of Essential Financial Infrastructure

CSR through business Financial Systems Business
Tadayuki Masuda
General Manager, Financial Business Planning Division, Financial Systems Business

The Financial Systems Business supplies systems for financial institutions, including banks, securities, insurance and credit card companies. In addition, we supply various financial service systems responding to new lifestyle trends such as Internet banking, electronic money and points reward systems. Financial services are deeply entwined with people's daily lives and economic activities, and have become an essential part of the social infrastructure. Therefore, we must provide the computer systems that offer a high degree of "safety" and "reliability". We are also required to provide large-scale, sophisticated systems to deal with staggering amount of information. Hitachi Solutions has devoted to developing reliable mission critical systems for more than 40 years, and we have the advanced project management capabilities and high technologies to take on the large-scale systems. With the globalization of financial markets, we are committed to providing valuable solutions to our customers, who compete globally. We will do this by working together with our international offices, and actively deploying the latest technologies including cloud and grid computing as well as virtualization technology. We will also solve various issues by providing our financial systems, and contribute to the society to create the better future.