Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Product Solution Business

Supplying Products That Are Useful to Society and Accessible to Everyone

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The Product Solution Business is driven by the challenge of developing products that are No. 1 in the global market. We apply our advanced development technologies to create leading products so that we can bring globally competitive solutions and services to a wider market and contribute to the safety and amenity of society.

Our existing business segments include solutions for security, advanced office innovation and enterprise platforms, together with embedded solutions. We are also actively developing businesses in new fields, such as strategic information solutions that leverage the latest embedded technologies, and entering the market for social innovation solutions by forming alliances with other Hitachi Group companies.

The top priority of the Product Solution Business is to identify the needs of our customers and the broader society beyond manufacturing and to address these needs sincerely by supplying products that are useful to society and accessible to everyone. In the rapidly developing world of IT, there is a strong need to handle information safely and securely, as well as the need for products that help to address social issues. We offer solutions such as the Hibun series of information security products, and an electric vehicle (EV) charging management solution for smart communities in the area of social innovation solutions. These are among the many solutions and services that we offer that promise to have a positive impact on society.