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Delivering Systems That Address Social Issues

CSR through business Government, Public Sector & Public Utilities Systems Business
Tatsuo Matsubuchi
General Manager, Government, Public Sector & Public Utilities Systems Business

The Government, Public Sector & Public Utilities Systems Business supplies diverse systems for a broad range of customers that support "lifeline" infrastructure. This ranges from central and local government services to schools, hospitals, medical facilities, and utilities for power, gas and water, as well as transportation and communications infrastructure. In that sense, we service the whole of society and must be sensitive to ever-changing social issues so that we can leverage our systems engineering expertise to develop solutions for these issues.

Hitachi Solutions has always emphasized safety and security in supplying systems that support social infrastructure. Our unique solutions include the GeoMation series of geographical information systems for enterprises, and healthcare information systems based around electronic health records (EHRs). We will contribute to public safety and security in the broader society by making the most of our cutting-edge technologies and proprietary technical assets in a broad range of fields.

We are also collaborating with leading local companies in an effort to bring superior solutions, such as our GeoMation Farm agricultural information management system, to international markets in countries such as the United States, China, Brazil and Vietnam. By facilitating the global development of smart cities and communities, we will contribute to the vertical integration of the entire modern living infrastructure, in addition to contributing to the stable supply and demand of power. This will in turn facilitate the development of a sustainable living infrastructure that delivers safety and security for people everywhere, as we endeavor to have a positive impact on the global community befitting a member of the Hitachi Group.

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