Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Fiscal 2013 Achievement

Objectives for fiscal 2012

  • Ensure compliance with the revised Worker Dispatch Act and other laws and regulations and conclude appropriate contracts
  • Promote sharing of business policies through policy presentation and operation meeting with partners and among divisions.
  • Ensure cooperation with global suppliers to promote optimum procurement in accordance with conditions in each country.

Socially responsible procurement across the supply chain

Hitachi Solutions is implementing the following initiatives for socially responsible procurement, under a three-year action plan that was initiated in fiscal 2012.

Fiscal 2012

  • Overall review of CSR initiatives
  • Preparation of CSR guidebook and questionnaire survey

Fiscal 2013

  • Survey on CSR initiatives by suppliers (sending of questionnaire surveys)
  • Analysis of questionnaire survey results, provision of supplier feedback

Fiscal 2014

  • Enhance CSR initiatives (work improvements)
  • Expand CSR initiatives to Group companies

Overall review of our activities

In fiscal 2012, we conducted small-group training on socially responsible procurement at our procurement departments, to reinforce our corporate approach. We then sought to identify the status of our operations, in accordance with the social responsibility core subjects outlined in ISO 26000. We used this to prepare a summary table of socially responsible procurement activities, providing an overview of the procurement operations at Hitachi Solutions. Accordingly, the company has solidified its future actions to address areas needing implementation, and the strategies for enhancing its socially responsible procurement.

Coordination within Hitachi Group and implementation of questionnaire survey on socially responsible procurement

HITACHI GROUP Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook Supplier questionnaire survey on socially responsible procurement practices

In addition to reviewing its own initiatives, Hitachi Solutions recognizes that it needs to work in unison with the Hitachi Group to practice socially responsible procurement. Accordingly, the company has decided to work in collaboration with Hitachi Systems, Ltd. and the Information & Telecommunication Systems Company of Hitachi, Ltd. to advance socially responsible procurement.
The three companies have jointly prepared a questionnaire survey concerning procurement practices at suppliers, in accordance with the social responsibility core subjects outlined in ISO 26000. The survey is written in Japanese, English, and Chinese for global implementation, and the companies began sending the surveys to major suppliers in fiscal 2013.
Moving forward, Hitachi Solutions will evaluate the questionnaire survey results and provide feedback to suppliers in order to further implement socially responsible procurement.

Environmental screening of suppliers

5 new categories and 12 new items for verification

Hitachi Solutions added 5 new categories and 12 new items for verification in the environmental screening of suppliers. These verification items were added to strengthen the CSR initiatives prescribed in the Hitachi Group Supply-Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook. The new items cover human rights and labor, occupational safety and health, environment, fair trade and ethics, and quality and safety, to supplement existing verification items.
Hitachi Solutions is also strengthening the socially responsible procurement of all procured hardware.

Stronger collaboration with business partners

Recognizing 4 excellent partners

Every year, Hitachi Solutions implements briefing sessions for business partners to communicate and share its business strategies. In fiscal 2012, the briefing sessions were attended by 73 business partners, so that business divisions could communicate their business vision and strategies for the fiscal year to suppliers. Two business partners were singled out for outstanding cooperation with our business departments and were cited for a Best Partner Award. Hitachi Solutions also has a system in place to designate Excellent Partners who meet certain company standards, and gives annual awards to outstanding business partners in and outside of Japan that make a major contribution to the business activities of Hitachi Solutions. In fiscal 2012, four companies received the awards. Hitachi Solutions will continue working to maintain and improve the level of mutual understanding and trust with business partners, in a continuing effort to tackle high value-added segments.

Information security training

Reaching 1,930 people in fiscal 2012

Information Security Handbook

Since January 2011, Hitachi Solutions has been offering workshops on essential information security for all new business partners. The workshops are arranged by procurement departments and are conducted at the head office and regional offices such as in the Kansai and Chubu regions. In fiscal 2012, the workshops were attended by 1,930 people (excluding participants of workshops hosted by partners).
Hitachi Solutions prepared new presentation materials for the workshop with commentary text, to help partners provide workshops of equally high quality. The workshop focuses on reinforcing the basic compliance items outlined in the Information Security Handbook that all business partners receive.

Securing regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance is secured in day-to-day operations through the efforts of business divisions working with business partners. In fiscal 2012, the Japanese government introduced revised legislation concerning dispatched workers, which required changes so that a consolidated group company cannot dispatch more than 80% of its dispatched workers to companies within the same consolidated group. The company issued regular reminders to revise service contracts to achieve compliance and instructed a number of non-compliant departments to make suitable changes. The company is also conducting ongoing checks of third parties to ensure no unauthorized dealings are taking place, and a dedicated inspection team conducts checks of delivered goods. In fiscal 2013, the company will implement a self-audit for compliance in switching from service contracts to quasi-mandate contracts.

Optimizing procurement by country

Information Security Handbook
Supplier fair for IT vendors from India and Myanmar

Hitachi Solutions is optimizing its procurement by country, in striving to expand international procurement. The initiative covers China, India, Myanmar, and Vietnam?, and the company is examining a number of potential suppliers in India and Myanmar to start procurement from these countries. In fiscal 2012, Hitachi Solutions hosted a supplier fair at its offices, inviting IT vendors from India and Myanmar. The event was attended by some 250 people and featured presentations from suppliers on their areas of specialization and initiatives. An exhibition space was provided as well as areas for vendor representatives to mingle with employees of Hitachi Solutions. ?

Goals for fiscal 2013

  • Continue implementing socially responsible procurement by verifying CSR initiatives at business partners and providing feedback
  • Conduct briefing sessions in order to communicate and share our business strategies between business divisions, our suppliers, and Group companies.
  • Ensure cooperation with global suppliers to promote optimum procurement in accordance with conditions in each country.