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SuperJ Engine Bundles

SuperJ Engine Bundles

SuperJ Engine® Bundles are middleware to provide various services such as distributing video via DLNA through Home gateways.


In the information society, a home gateway plays an essential role as a hub that relays the services on Internet that are provided by device manufacturers and content providers to the home appliances.

OSGi is a platform to add/update services on the home gateway via Internet and is the best candidate for the next generation platform. Hitachi Solutions now deploys "SuperJ Engine Bundles" as applications for providing services via OSGi.

Video distribution application for home gateway

Via a home gateway, you can view the contents stored in your house and on Internet on DLNA TV or Digital photo frames.


This is a service application running on the OSGi framework.

  • A content distribution system for a home gateway can be constructed.
  • Data on a video site on Internet is converted to viewable format on a DNLA player such as a digital TV.
  • By supported basic functions, various services can be constructed with the content distribution function.
  • Coordinating with the contents provided by a company, a special bundle that includes advertisement can be developed.
  • By the DNLA function, information on the home gateway can be displayed on a console
  • Architecture

    The video distribution application is a set of service applications called bundles that run on the OSGi framework. It consists of the core bundles that implements common bundles and the application bundles that implements functions specific to user demands. In this package, the application bundles are a sample application to check the implementable functions. By extending the application bundles, various requirements from the end users can be implemented.

    Application examples

  • A content gateway system that searches contents on Internet and distributes video streams in the DLNA format.
  • A digital signage system that distributes videos and advertisements stored in the center to digital photo frames.
  • A content sharing system that shares video among multiple homes via Internet.
  • Extensibility

    By modifying/adding/extending the application bundles, you can create/provide applications best suited to the service that end users want with minimal cost/time.

    Hitachi Solutions is willing to help you meet your users' demand for services.

    This product meets eight criteria, energy conservation, resources saving, reusability, etc, defined by Hitachi Group's DfE (Design for Environment) Assessment.

    SuperJ Engine Bundles help to construct content distributions systems on home gateways rapidly with a service platform.