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SuperJ Engine

SuperJ Engine

SuperJ Engine® is a high performance Java run time environment that is suitable for M2M networks and gives portability to embedded applications and leads IT devices to new domains


Basic concept:

To provide a Java run time environment with reasonable performance on CPU with limited resources.

This is the basic concept of SuperJ Engine, that gives a Java run time environment with realistic performance and robustness in the application domains described below.

The required optimization technology is achieved jointly by Hitachi and Hitachi solutions. Based on the genuine Java from Oracle, it provides latest Java technology. Services are provided with reasonable costs, only available from Hitachi Group. Based on Java as core technology, Hitachi Solutions develops various middleware and related solutions.

Application domains

  • Home gateway
  • Car navigation/on-vehicle systems
  • FA systems
  • Industry specific control systems
  • Digital TV/Set top box
  • Multifunction printer
  • Recorder/video recorder
  • SuperJ Engine is optimized for M2M devices based on the license of JavaME CDC from Oracle.