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SuperJ Engine Framework

SuperJ Engine Framework

SuperJ Engine® Framework is a remote-control service platform for home network and compliant with OSGiTM Release 4. It provides high flexibility and remote control (install, start, stop and uninstall) of Java applications and supports the execution and dependency management of multiple applications on a single VM.


Hitachi solutions presented a demonstration in Hitachi Booth at Cloud Computing Expo Japan
  • In this exhibition, Hitachi presented Hitachi IT ECO Experimental Village project that aims to conserve whole ecosystem by visualizing environment information through wireless sensors via cloud. For details of IT ECO Experimetal Village, see the bottom of this page.
  • The demonstration by Hitachi Solutions was a SuperJ Engine Framework installed Farm gateway that collects and manages temperature and humidity on the field.
  • 2012.04.04
    Hitachi solutions presented a demonstration and gave a lecture at JavaOne Tokyo 2012 , in Japan as a Gold sponsor..
    Hitachi Solutions presented a demosntration at Embedded World 2012, Nuremberg in Germany.
    Hitachi Solutions presented a demosntration at Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona in Spain.
    Hitachi Solutions gave a lecture at OSGi Users' Forum Japan 6 th workshop program(in Japanese).
    Hitachi Solutions passed the SWEX test suite at the Home Gateway Initiative test event..
    Hitachi Solutions presented a demonstration at Embedded Technology 2011, Yokohama in Japan.
    At OSGi Alliance Community Event 2011, Darmstadt, in Germany, Hitachi Solutions gave a lecture.
  • For general information, see Here.
  • For material in the lecture see Here.
  • 2011.1.12
    Remote management environment for Ubiquitous devices - SuperJ Engine Framework enhanced: Certified as the OSGi Release 4 Version 4.2 specifications compliant and passed Home Gateway Initiative SWEX Test Suite
    SuperJ EngineR Framework V3.1 release
    SuperJ EngineR Framework V3.0 release
    SuperJ EngineR Framework V2.0 release
    SuperJ Engine Framework V1.4 release (compliant with OSGi Release 4)
    SuperJ Engine Framework V1.3 release
    SuperJ Engine Framework V1.2 release

    Solution Service

    SuperJ Engine Framework provides the following services.

    Development Kit

    SuperJ Engine Framework is provided as a development kit. Remote- controled Java applications and its platforms can be developed. Please refer to the SDK Package for details.

    Go to SDK Package.

    Volume License Service

    If you decide to apply SuperJ Engine Framework as your platform, we can prepare license agreements for mass production.

    Support License Service

    We will provide support for mass production. Our engineers will sincerely provide a solution in response to your inquiries and requests.

    Customization Service

    SuperJ Engine Framework can be customized according to your needs.

    System Development Service

    We can provide development services for embedded Java applications utilizing the SuperJ Engine Framework. Please consult with our sales representatives.

    This product meets eight criteria, energy conservation, resources saving, reusability, etc, defined by Hitachi Group's DfE (Design for Environment) Assessment.

    SuperJ Engine Framework suppports to implement remote updates and remote monitorning that reduce the needs to dispatch service personel on the sites with a remote control platform conforming to the open specification.