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SuperJ Engine Tools

SuperJ Engine® Tools support embedded Java application development with Debugger and tracer & simulator. Aspect oriented technology greatly alleviates the debugging process that was painstaking so far.


A user friendly GUI environment with debugger and tracer based on Aspect oriented technology supports Java application development.


Aspect oriented debugger anyWarp for Aspect/JD

This is the first debugger for embedded systems based on aspect oriented technology, that is the result of collaboration with state of the art aspect oriented technology *1 nourished by Tokyo Institute of Technology and embedded Java technology that Hitachi Solutions is well versed with.

*1Aspect oriented software development identifies cross-cutting concerns and then puts them separate modules, and composes automatically into a working system by tools.

Aspect oriented log analysis tool anyWarp for Aspect/LA

This tool designs and implements log output of the Java application, and traces the application behavior based on analysis of the log. This tool makes tracing the behavior of the application easier thus you can quickly pin-point the defect when failure occurs.

CDC run time environment on PC SuperJ Engine V4.0 for x86/Linux

This is a Java run time environment that executes on X window System of PCLinux. With this tool, you can test the behavior of the embedded Java application on PCLinux.