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February 14, 2012
Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Releases User-Friendly Advanced Collaboration System
Easy remote sharing of audio, video, documents and written information, with one-touch access

TOKYO, February 14, 2012 . Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. today announced the release of the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System1 which makes it easy for users to collaborate from separate locations. This user-friendly system offers an integrated interface that enables users to share audio, video and documents, as well as a whiteboard workspace. The solution supports five languages.Japanese, English, German, Italian and French.and will be available starting March 1, 2012 in Japan, the U.S. and Europe. The system makes it a breeze to work collaboratively across different locations, enhancing work efficiency in dispersed environments for everything from brainstorming to review work.

Corporate activities rely on good communication, and today's corporations are using remote conferencing systems in order to reduce travel costs. Until now, remote conferencing systems were typically restricted to dedicated meeting rooms, and because they had to use multiple systems to allow participants to share audio, video and documents, they were complicated to use and stifled discussion. As a result, corporations need a new collaboration system that enables collaborative work to be performed more efficiently and effectively.

Hitachi Solutions has addressed this need by offering the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System as a solution to enable efficient work collaboration. The system incorporates Hitachi Solutions' whiteboard software, which offers unmatched ease of use for writing down information and sharing documents, and integrates the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform with presence information and audio/video conferencing features. Whereas users previously had to deal with separate systems in order to work collaboratively, the entire environment is now integrated within a single accessible interface that has been designed with the user experience in mind. Moreover, the features can be accessed with a single touch, ready for a wide range of situations from conferencing to daily communications.

Figure 1. Screenshot of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

The Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System is effective in many settings. Take for example product development teams that span different departments and offices in international manufacturing operations. To review drawings and documents, team members can be called with a single touch and connected by audio and video to the conference. Users can add drawings and documents to the virtual whiteboard, making it a highly collaborative workspace where everyone sees the information written on the whiteboard. Individual users can also take personal notes. All this is performed within the system, delivering a truly collaborative work space to disparate locations efficiently and with ease.

1: Advanced collaboration system: A system that offers features needed to perform collaborative work integrated under a single interface.

Hitachi Solutions will market the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System in Japan, the U.S. and Europe, aiming to develop the market for new collaboration systems.

Main features of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

1. Versatility for a wide range of situations

  • The system runs on standard PCs (rather than specialized equipment) for maximum versatility in situations ranging from remote conferencing between meeting rooms, to conference participation from an individual desk or when traveling on business, to interpersonal communication with colleagues.
  • Users have instant access to all features. Just search for colleagues using the contact list, and check to see if they are available before inviting them to conference. No more need to send meeting requests for online conferences in advance. Users can also summon colleagues to participate in scheduled conferences.

2. One-touch, direct access to features

  • Share audio, video, documents, and notes on a virtual whiteboard. Invite colleagues, conduct conferences, and show documents. All these features are just a touch away.
  • Use the system with Hitachi Solutions' StarBoard line of interactive whiteboards to access the features through direct touch operation.

Figure 2 Features of the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System
Figure 2 Features of the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

This product release is endorsed by Microsoft Japan, which markets Microsoft Lync, and the U.K.-based Moving Brands, which helped to design the system's user experience.

Endorsement by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Microsoft Japan wants to extend a hearty welcome to the launch of the "Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System" by Hitachi Solutions.We expect that this new collaboration system from Hitachi Solutions, which has a lot of experience deploying Microsoft Lync, SharePoint and Exchange, will accelerate widespread utilization of Lync among customers. Microsoft Japan will continue working closely with Hitachi Solutions, to contribute together to increasing the business productivity of customers through new work style offerings.

Roan Kang, Senior Director, Microsoft Office Division Business Group Lead, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Endorsement by Moving Brands

Working with Hitachi Solutions on this new collaboration software was a great opportunity to help shape a product that strikes a balance between familiarity, specificity, and good, clear logic. Moving Brands worked with Hitachi Solutions in London and Tokyo, grouping and rationalising gestural modes of inputs, software architecture, user experience and interface design. Whilst going through these processes, we also had to ensure that we never lost sight of either the end user or the technical requirements of Hitachi's development team. Our challenge was to ensure that a whole set of potentially complex processes.with multiple participant interactions.came together into something that looks and feels simple and intuitive; we hope that we have managed to achieve this, and look forward to seeing Hitachi Solution's new software rolling out in markets around the world.

Campbell Orme, Design Director, Moving Brands.

Main Features of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

Features Description
Share audio, video and documents Share audio, video, documents and notes written on the whiteboard with colleagues.
Write down information Write on documents or on the virtual whiteboard.
Invite participants Select colleagues from the contact list, check their status, and invite them to the conference.
Save data Save data from the virtual whiteboard so you have the option to edit it later, enabling stop or restart of a conference without worries.
Recording Record video including audio and notes written on documents or the virtual whiteboard, to later confirm what was covered in the conference.
View documents2 View and share documents from a computer, or documents registered to a document management system.
Hold conferences linked with scheduling3 Hold conferences linked with scheduled appointments
  • 2: Linking with document management systems requires Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (available separately).
  • 3: Linking with scheduling requires Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 (available separately).
  • Licenses are required for each user.
  • Does not include system building costs or server hardware costs.
  • Use of this product requires a separate Microsoft Lync environment.

Release date

March 1, 2012

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