Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

  • Hitachi Solutions is the global leader?in delivering success with business applications based on Microsoft Cloud, including Dynamics 365. With deep industry expertise and the latest technologies around ERP, CRM, Field Service, BI, IoT and Ecommerce, we help companies transform their business processes and information systems.
  • Hitachi Solutions offers a geographic information system (GIS), which provides an open and scalable environment for corporations and government agencies to visualize their working data on maps. It has covered a wide range of customers such as Electric, Gas, Water, Central & Local Government, Public, Finance and Banking sectors
  • Hi-Speed Transcoder, which transcodes rapidly for broadcast and production video files. Converts to other video formats with automatic video quality checking, including for blackouts, freezes and mute. Streamlines and accelerates file-based video production.

Microsoft Dynamics

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking gives bankers a holistic, customer-centered view of their business that helps them build strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers. Our solution helps you better understand, track, and manage your relationships with customers and prospects so you win more business and improve customer loyalty.

Video: Day in the Life of a Branch Manager at a Retail Bank

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Banking is designed specifically for the unique needs of a Retail Bank.

Microsoft Dynamics

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Insurance provides insurers with a practical solution to effectively manage and foster profitable relationships across agencies, customers, brokers, and other partners.

Video: Territory Manager with an Insurance Carrier

Hitachi Solutions’ Engage for Insurance solution for P&C Insurance was created to help Carriers use the latest version of Dynamics to manage relationships with agencies and policy holders.

Microsoft Dynamics

Video: A Project Manager at a Construction Firm

Follow the journey of a Project Manager at a Construction firm who has just been awarded the work to build a 6-story concrete building. Learn how to streamline the RFP issuing process, securely manage the project collaboration lifecycle and improve business performance across operations with Hitachi Solutions’ RFP Management and Project Collaboration Solution.