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News Release

April 25, 2012
Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions StarBoard Software to Be Deployed
at Public Junior High Schools in Turkey

Software for interactive whiteboards will support the spread of ICT
in classrooms nationwide to help enhance academic achievement

TOKYO, April 25, 2012 . Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. today announced that StarBoard Software for interactive whiteboards will be deployed at public junior high schools across Turkey. The deployment covers 85,000 licenses to be deployed by August 2012.

Turkey has launched the Fatih Project, under which Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications are endeavoring to provide equal opportunities for education and enhance the information infrastructure in the nation's schools.
The project plans to deploy interactive whiteboards, tablet devices, Internet connectivity and printers in all classrooms (approx. 620,000) at about 40,000 public schools including kindergarten, elementary, junior high and senior high schools from 2011 to 2014.

Hitachi Solutions' StarBoard Software for interactive whiteboards was chosen to be used in Fatih Project for the 2012 deployment.. The software will be bundled with interactive whiteboards developed for the project by Vestel Dijital Uretim Sanayi A.S., a leading manufacturer of electronic equipment headquartered in Manisa, Turkey. The plan calls for 85,000 interactive whiteboards with StarBoard Software to be installed at junior high schools across Turkey. The use of information and communication technology (ICT) in classrooms will enable interactive communication to help increase student motivation and enhance their understanding and academic performance.

Hitachi Solutions offers StarBoard interactive whiteboard solutions in more than 70 countries worldwide, having so far shipped more than 200,000 whiteboards (as of March 31, 2012). StarBoard interactive whiteboards enable users to write freely on a projected image of a computer screen and control the computer from the whiteboard. In addition to delivering StarBoard Software for the Fatih Project, Hitachi Solutions will endeavor to expand sales of StarBoard Software to universities, private schools and preparatory schools in Turkey. Hitachi Solutions will also pursue business opportunities related to training and educational content, while encouraging the spread of ICT in educational settings worldwide.

Interactive whiteboard1 equipped with StarBoard Software from Hitachi Solutions
Interactive whiteboard1 equipped with StarBoard Software from Hitachi Solutions
1All-in-one solution with touchscreen LCD, blackboard, whiteboard and PC

Main features of StarBoard

  • Touch operation with finger or pen

    Operate computers, and write or draw on the screen using a finger, stylus pen, or electronic pen.
  • Simultaneous input

    Multi-user feature opens up new possibilities for innovative use. Also provides gesture control, such as zoom in and out, eraser, and scroll.
  • Extensive content and tools for schools

    StarBoard Software includes extensive content and tools for schools, covering subjects like math, geography and science. Teachers can quickly prepare lessons and teaching materials using the software.

Endorsement from Turkish Embassy in Japan

In conjunction with this announcement, Hitachi Solutions has received the following endorsement from the Turkish Embassy in Japan.

We would like to congratulate Hitachi to take part in the Fatih Project. This project is directly investing in the future of Turkey through improving the quality of education in the country. Since we have had strong bonds of friendship with Japan, it is our pleasure to see that a well-known Japanese company, namely Hitachi, is actively contributing into such an important undertaking.

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