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News Release

November 11, 2012
Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Works with NPOs to Generate Ideas for Businesses
at the Base of the Pyramid and to Encourage Social Business

TOKYO, November 11, 2012 - Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. has been collaborating with two non-profit organizations (NPOs) to generate ideas for base of the pyramid (BoP)1 business ventures. With the cooperation of Cross Fields, which operates an international corporate volunteer program, and the Kamonohashi Project that operates projects in Cambodia, Hitachi Solutions conducted a series of workshops from September to November 2012 for 15 employees from diverse work backgrounds within the Company, to examine social business by generating ideas for BoP business.

1Base of the pyramid (BoP) businesses target low-income earners who make less than $3,000 a year, representing approximately 70 percent of the entire global population. BoP businesses are win-win business models that help improve living standards for low-income strata while pursuing profits.

Since 2011, Hitachi Solutions has been working with various NPOs to conduct workshops aimed at generating business ideas from a social perspective, reflecting our belief that helping to resolve issues facing the global community through our main business activities contributes to social sustainability and our sustainability as a corporation. The workshops held this year were the third in a series, and they took place three times over two months. With a staff member from NPO Kamonohashi Project invited as a guest speaker and the facilitation of staff from Cross Fields, the participants generated BoP business ideas to address social issues in Cambodia. These ideas ranged from a community school project to a project aimed at promoting study tours using translation tools, and a social platform to assist NPOs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Hitachi Solutions corporate principles call the Company to "contribute to the growth of our customers and the global community via unique solutions based on reliable technologies." True to this mission, Hitachi Solutions will continue conducting workshops that are aimed at generating social innovations for the public good.

Description of Workshops

Dates September 25, October 30, and November 27, 2012
(Second Round: May 14, June 19, and July 17,2013)
Number of participants 15 employees of Hitachi Solutions
Program Session 1
  • Guest speaker presentation on social issues in Cambodia
  • Group discussion to generate ideas for BoP businesses to address local issues
Session 2
  • Interim presentation of business plans
  • Business plan critiques (suitability for local needs, challenges of realizing projects, etc.)
Interview session
  • Interview with guest speaker
Session 3
  • Final presentation of ideas
  • Evaluation and critique (degree of impact on issues, feasibility and sustainability of business, etc.)

Comments from Participating Hitachi Solutions Employees

  • It was encouraging to know that there are other motivated and strong-willed coworkers of the same mind.
  • I want to develop business ideas that change the world, by focusing more on issues facing the global community.
  • I felt empowered to change the world.
  • I want to apply what I learned through the workshops to my everyday work.

Workshops at Hitachi Solutions

Workshops at Hitachi Solutions

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