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News Release

December 25, 2012
Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions Launches Latest Version of Advanced Collaboration System
With Sticky Notes for an Efficient Collaboration

TOKYO, December 25, 2012 - Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. (Hitachi Solutions) today announced the release of the latest version of the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System on January 7, 2013. Supporting Japanese, English, German, Italian, and French, the system offers a shared whiteboard workspace and other tools that allow corporate users at different locations to interact and share information to facilitate collaboration within the company. The latest version comes with an added sticky note function, which helps to enhance meeting productivity and improve teamwork by making it easier for team members in separate locations to brainstorm and share opinions.

Good communication is crucial to helping companies accomplish business activities faster. It is particularly true for international corporations, which often have marketing, production, and decision-making departments in locations around the world. For companies like these, it is crucial to build effective communication that keeps all team members on the same page and shortens product time to market. Companies need collaboration systems that facilitate more effective communication to achieve these goals. In an increasingly global business environment, collaboration systems will become an essential part of any corporate IT infrastructure.

Hitachi Solutions addressed this need by launching the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System in Japan, the U.S. and Europe on March 1, 2012. This user-friendly, innovative collaboration system offers an integrated interface that enables users at the same meeting or in distant locations to share audio, video, and documents, as well as a whiteboard workspace. With the release of this latest version, Hitachi Solutions adds a sticky note feature for greater efficiency and more dynamic collaboration, helping companies reduce the time to market even further.

Figure 1: Screenshot of Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

The Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System whiteboard provides a central workspace for members of a team to utilize at every stage of the process from collecting and organizing information to decision-making. Decisions can be made more quickly because all necessary information is located in a single place and shared efficiently among all team members. With the new sticky note function, users are able to post text, photos and videos, to the whiteboard and documents, which visually enhances the organization and presentation of opinions and ideas. Comments expressed on sticky notes are more visually accessible, help to evoke new ideas and promote more dynamic, robust collaboration.

With the release of the Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System, Hitachi Solutions aims to develop the market for new collaborations systems, which have never been more vital than in today's increasingly global business environment.

Example of Collaboration between North America, Europe and Japan using Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

  • Users are able to add information whenever they wish from wherever they may be
  • Users in separate locations are able to simultaneously write and edit work
  • The whiteboard accommodates for regional characteristics and local market needs
  • Sticky notes help generate new thoughts and ideas
  • The sticky notes allow users to visually understand opinions and ideas from separate locations, stimulating new thoughts, which in turn leads to new ideas being posted
  • Sticky notes can be used to post visuals such as market trend graphs and photos
  • Users are able to share progress reports, decision-making, and requests from different locations continuously
  • The ability to collect and organize information in a variety of formats on the shared whiteboard workspace accelerates the decision-making process, which eliminates time loss in business activities. (See Figure 3.)

Figure 2: Collaboration between North America, Europe and Japan using Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System
Figure 2: Collaboration between North America, Europe and
Japan using Hitachi Advanced Collaboration System

Figure 3: Example of Whiteboard Use in a Meeting
Figure 3: Example of Whiteboard Use in a Meeting

Release date

January 7, 2013

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