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Industrial & Distribution Systems Business

Working with Customers to Solve Social Issues

CSR through business Industrial & Distribution Systems Business
Mitsuyoshi Onoda
General Manager, Business Planning Division, Industrial & Distribution Systems Business

The Industrial & Commercial Systems Business provides various business systems and services for our customers mainly in the manufacturing and logistics services sectors, and tries to improve their operational efficiency. Hitachi Solutions has a broad range of customers, and we are closely related to the society through our business. We are required to respond to the various needs from our customers and potential needs in the society. Thus, we offer various solutions combined with accumulated business know-how and the latest IT technologies, and support the supply chain in the society from the production management to the sales phase. To adapt to various lifestyles, we are committed to realizing the convenient and comfortable society by providing new solutions such as marketing campaign management systems using smart devices for commercial facilities, credit card payment systems, services designed for capturing fans for baseball teams, and vehicle operating control systems. We will provide various values by supporting global supply chains mainly in China and Southeast Asia, and contribute to the society.

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