Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Message From the President

Representative Director and President Tatsurou Hoshino

As an IT service provider playing a key role in Digital business of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions has provided various solutions globally to support social lifestyles and corporate activities.
Since our founding, we have regarded our employees as our most precious corporate resource, and have poured energy into work style reform, diversity management, and human resources development. Utilizing our high level of technical prowess, we have developed our own products and services. We have also established offices in the United States, and actively incorporate cutting-edge digital technologies throughout the world.

Currently, the world is facing not only frequent natural disasters, resource depletion, and an epidemic but cyberattacks and other new risks that accompany the digitization of social infrastructure. As uncertainty in the business environment rises, companies are required to adapt flexibly to changes and achieve sustainable value improvement.

Guided by the principles of environment, resilience, and safety and security, and through collaboration with our stakeholders, we, as a member of the Hitachi Group, make full use of our digital technology and solution capabilities to support customer problem-solving.

While continuing to devote all its resources to ensure that people can live comfortably, Hitachi Solutions Group will continuously create new value and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. We also hope to contribute to the realization of a society that is sustainable 50 or even 100 years in the future.
On behalf of Hitachi Solutions, I look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Tsugio Yamamoto
President and Chief Executive Officer