Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Message From the President

Representative Director and President Tatsurou Hoshino

As an IT service provider playing a key role in the information and telecommunications systems business of the Hitachi Group, Hitachi Solutions has provided various solutions to support social lifestyles and corporate activities.

Japan in recent years is confronted with new social issues, including labor shortages brought about by a declining birthrate and aging population, and frequently occurring disasters arising from climate change, and major social changes are also occurring in terms of people’s lifestyles, industrial structure, and work styles. On the global stage, too, initiatives geared to realizing a sustainable society are progressing.

Against such a background, based on collaboration with our customers, we are providing various solutions that leverage cutting-edge digital technologies with a view to realizing digital transformation and addressing the issues that confront society and companies.

Hitachi Solutions Group is devoting all its resources to realizing a society in which sustainable growth is possible and where people are able to comfortably live with safety and peace of mind.

On behalf of Hitachi Solutions, I look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Tatsuro Hoshino
President and Chief Executive Officer