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Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System

Hitachi Solutions offers a geographic information system (GIS), which provides an open and scalable environment for corporations and government agencies to visualize their working data on maps. It has covered a wide range of customers such as Electric, Gas, Water, Central & Local Government, Public, Finance and Banking sectors.

Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System

Do you have following problems?



  • Business data is all stored in databases and it is difficult to comprehend locational relationships among information.

    Hitachi Solutions GIS is a system which can keep your data on the map and displays those data visually. Data visualization will help you to make better decisions and to make efficient plans as well as to improve the communication among your team members.

  • There are multiple GIS system working individually in your organization and there is no integration of these systems. This requires high maintenance cost and map renewal cost.

    Hitachi Solutions GIS provides a common platform for organization-wide geospatial applications and multiple database connection. By employing Hitachi Solutions GIS, you can reduce the maintenance overheads, and also, using a common map will decrease the map renewal costs throughout the organization.

  • Although you want to develop a new product using GIS, you don't know which platform the customers will demand.

    Hitachi Solutions GIS supports cross-platform architecture and various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris. So your product can be flexibly implemented according to each customer.

Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System - Concept

Concept Image

Data Integration

  • Base Maps (Google, Bing, OSM, WMS, etc)
  • Vector Data (Polygon, Polyline, POI, Symbol)
  • Satellite Image
  • Dynamic Location Data (Mobile Integration and Time Series)
  • Network Topology

Analysis & Visualization

  • Integration with Big Data Platforms such as Hitachi Advanced Data Binder (HADB),SAP Hana (under development)
  • Thematic Maps, Heat Maps, Aggregated Graph POI Displays.

System Optimization

  • Reliability: Multi-server support with cluster structure, and fail-over functionality
  • Performance: Load-balance structure, Various data cache both on C/S sides
  • Flexibility: OS/Platform independent 3-tier Network Architecture

Hitachi Solutions Geographical Information System - Features

Enterprise GIS Platform

  • Developed all in Java and according to the OGC geospatial data standards. Supports Unix (AIX, Solaris)/Linux/Windows OS, and it is possible to have different OSs on the server and client side.
    Ex: Server→Unix / Client→Windows
  • Supports connection to multiple relational databases (different brands are possible) at the same time.
  • Provides user authentication and authorization. By the integrated management of system users, administrators can set layer display and editing restrictions according to user groups.

High Performance & Reliability

  • Possible to create server clusters with load balancing and fail-over functionality.
    Multi-thread transaction/query, data compression and asynchronous map view are also supported for higher performance. (Static, Dynamic cache is also supported.)
  • It is possible to create custom GUI without customization through designated application without additional cost.

Flexible System Development

  • Web (Java Applet), Client, Server supports Unified API.
  • Hitachi Solutions GIS also supports Android for smart phones and tablet PCs and Java Script for plug-in free web applications.
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Use Case : Electrical Facilities Management


  • Manage electrical assets efficiently.
  • Quick response to emergency.


  • Viewing locations and status of electrical assetson a map.
  • Support asset maintenance by specifying assetsin damaged area.

Thematic Map

  • Visualization of the status of equipment items using color, icons, and symbols Diversify locations of parts suppliers.
  • Automatic display of asset attributes information on a map.
Thematic Map Image

Network Management

Modeling of the interconnections betweenassets in terms of point and lines.

Network Management Image

Mobile Client

Real-time display and editing of information,and registration of site photographs using a mobile phone.

Mobile Client Image

Use Case:Disaster Insurance Marketing Campaign


  • High cost and low returns in marketing activity
  • Lack of established efficient marketing methods


  • Promote up selling by finding niche markets
  • Improve customer engagement by analysing customer data

Visualize data

Visualize customer location

  • Your existing customer
  • Potential customer (third party data)

Visualize Customer Data

  • Past disaster
Visualize data Image

Identify customer group

Identify Target customer

  • Customers affected by disaster,

Consider customer attributes

  • Type of Dwelling
Identify customer group Image

Execute Campaign

Create campaign based on groups

  • Customers impacted in disaster prone areas

Execute marketing campaign

  • Send mails, emails and SMS Coupon,Web event, etc.

Record customer response

Execute Campaign Image

Use Case:Disaster-resistant Supply Chain


  • Time taken to identify disaster affected areas and effect on supply chain.
  • Difficult to recover quickly from disaster.


  • Reduce recovery time by finding out affected suppliers, factories, etc. in supply chain quickly.
  • Create temporary supply chain by choosing suppliers and routes which are not affected by disaster.

Analyze Supply Chain

Visualize supply chain

  • Factory
  • Parts/ Raw Materials supplier
  • Routes

Diversify locations of parts suppliers

Sign Contracts with parts/ Raw material suppliers in areas where you do not have suppliers.

Record customer response

Analyze Supply Chain Image

Minimize Disaster Impact

Visualize impact of disaster on map

Find out affected Suppliers, Factories, Routes in supply chain

Create temporary supply chain

Find out alternative suppliers / Routes

Minimize Disaster Impact Image

Monitor Supply Chain

Track vehicle locations

Confirm whether everything is going asplanned.

Integrate data with ERP and CRM

Create temporary supply chain

Monitor Supply Chain Image

Use Case:Optimization of Field Service

  • Find available resources based on requests
  • Monitor progress in real time
Optimization of Field Service Image 1
  • Create BCP by confirming historical disaster data
  • Execute BCP by understanding current situation
Optimization of Field Service Image 2

Use Case:Worker Safety

  • Confirm resource's location and condition in real-time
  • Be able to identify resources in dangerous situation
Worker Safety Image 1
  • Alert message to notify dangerous situation
  • Share and record information easily
Worker Safety Image 2
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