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Protect whole data on HDDHIBUN AE Full Disk Encryption

HIBUN V10 Products are no longer sold after June 30 2017.

Customers who have HIBUN V10 can purchase additional HIBUN V10 licenses by end of June 2022.

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Laptops used at outside of the office are in risk of loss and theft. Encrypt the whole hard disk and prevent unauthorized use of information by third person. Also, enhance the authentication at PC boot up and block data access from the third person.


Protect data access from third person by HIBUN login authentication before Windows system start up. Encrypted data is decrypted transparently to the users.

  • Full Disk Encryption
  • HIBUN login authentication before Windows system start up


<Full Disk Encryption>
Whole data on HDD is encrypted.
  • The whole HDD is encrypted on installation. You can use the computer, even if encryption process runs in the background.
  • Encrypted data is decrypted transparently to the users.
<HIBUN login authentication before Windows system start up>
  • When turning on the PC, HIBUN AE FDE login screen is displayed before Windows system start up. If authentication fails, Windows does not start. Therefore, whole data on the PC cannot be accessed.
  • It is also possible to link HIBUN AE FDE authentication and Windows logon authentication.

Operating Environment

OS The English version of the following operation system are supported.
Windows 8 Pro*1*2
Windows 8 Enterprise*1*2
Windows 8.1 Pro (with Update or not)*1*2*4
Windows 8.1 Enterprise (with Update or not)*1*2*4
CPU Conforms to the system requirements of the OS
Memory 32 bit OS:
1 GB minimum (2 GB recommended)
64 bit OS:
2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
HDD When BIOS is used: MBR disk
When UEFI*3 is used: GPT disk
more than 500MB
Continuous free space of 2MB is required for each volume.
Prerequisite Programs When management console is required: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0~3.5SP1
*1: Both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.
*2: Touch screen is supported in pre-boot authentication, however it may fail depends on devices. Before using the touch screen feature, verification is recommended.
*3: Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are supported.
*4: HIBUN AE Full Disk Encryption cannot be installed on a PC that uses the WIMBoot function.

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