Data Leakage Prevention Solution HIBUN
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HIBUN V10 Products are no longer sold after June 30 2017.

Customers who have HIBUN V10 can purchase additional HIBUN V10 licenses by end of June 2022.

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HIBUN -"Safe" and "Reliable" security solution for global business corporation. HIBUN AE and HIBUN ME solutions sustain secure business environment.

The more global business expansion, the higher security risk increases. The global security policy compliance is the must to global corporation. HIBUN, information leakage prevention solution, allows worldwide corporation to HIBUN AE providing security solution and HIBUN ME monitoring security measures and visualizing the risks sustain secure business environment.


Data Security HIBUN AE Series

Protect and Control information asset by a relevant measure against the risk.

Utilizing the information with high security leads your corporation to the safe and reliable business environment.
To prevent data leakage in the event of loss and theft, each storage medium is encrypted in compliance with security policy.
HIBUN AE empowers administrators to Protect and Control information asset, and provides the secure business environment imperceptibly to the user.

Management Cycle Measures quired HIBUN AE component
PROTECT Drive/Removable Media Encryption HIBUN AE Information Cypher
HDD Encryption HIBUN AE Full Disk Encryption
HDD and Removable Encryption HIBUN AE IC + FDE Combo
CONTROL Control data copy from PC to storage media HIBUN AE Server
HIBUN AE Information Fortress
Control send email from client PC HIBUN AE IF Mail Option


Security Management HIBUN ME Series

Manage aggregated logs and visualize the risks.

Identify → Act → Inspect → Alert → Audit
This is a management process to provide flexibility and performance to a rigid or unproven rule.
Visualize evolving information leak threats and adopt appropriate action decisively -
HIBUN ME aggregates user logs to server, identifies security gaps, rectifies security breaches, and improves corporate security compliance.
Automated reporting process enforces your corporate regulatory compliances.

Management Cycle Measures Required HIBUN ME component
IDENTIFY Identify achievement of security compliance HIBUN ME Operation Monitor*
Identify user behavior HIBUN ME Log ManagerHIBUN ME Operation Monitor*
INSPECT Visualize compliance with security policy HIBUN ME Log Manager
Verify detail of policy violations
Track file operation HIBUN ME Operation Monitor* HIBUN ME Log Manager
ALERT On desktop HIBUN ME Operation Monitor*
By email alert / on web browser
AUDIT Provision of report on audit trail HIBUN ME Log Manager
Customizable comprehensive reporting feature
* The "Asset View HYPER M Engine," developed by Hammock Inc., is incorporated in this software.
* HIBUN ME Operation Monitor is sold with HIBUN ME Agent, which is required product.
* HIBUN ME Log Manager is sold with HIBUN ME Manager, which is required product.

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