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Understand user operation behaviorHIBUN ME Operation Monitor

HIBUN V10 Products are no longer sold after June 30 2017.

Customers who have HIBUN V10 can purchase additional HIBUN V10 licenses by end of June 2022.

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Identify the existing security threats first and execute respective security measures, and notify violator with automated alert based on daily inspection.


Identify security holes and understand user operation behavior, and alert user with specific security policy violation details.

  • Collect user operation log
  • Alert user with specific security policy violation details
  • Alert by email or display specific website page
  • Trace data transfer path


<Collect user operation log>
By collecting user operation logs such as web browsing or data transfer history, security threats could be identified as well as understand user operation behavior. These information can be used to improve the existing security policy.
In addition, installation status of HIBUN AE modules as well as software version and patch update information are collected.
<Alert user with specific security policy violation details>
Display specific security policy violation to those who are identified to be violating security policy from daily inspection. Having user realize what action triggered alert and what needs to be improved, user's security consciousness can raised effectively.
<Alert by email or display specific website page>
In addition to sending alert by email, specific website describing the company security policies can be shown automatically.
<Trace data transfer path>
Collection of file transfer and user operation logs reveals trace of data handing. Renaming file on server and then transfer data to removable media could also be caught.

Operating Environment

HIBUN ME Operation Monitor
OS The English version of the following operation system are supported.
Windows 8
Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Enterprise
Windows 8.1 (with Update or not)
Windows 8.1 Pro (with Update or not)
Windows 8.1 Enterprise (with Update or not)
CPU Conforms to the system requirements of the OS
Memory Conforms to the system requirements of the OS
HDD More than 20MB + free space to store logs
Prerequisite Programs HIBUN AE Server 08-01 or higher
HIBUN AE Information Fortress 08-01 or higher
HIBUN ME Manager 10-10
HIBUN ME Agent 10-10
HIBUN ME Log Manager 10-10

The "Asset View HYPER M Engine" and "Asset View PLATINUM M Engine", developed by Hammock Inc., are incorporated in this software.

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