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Security ManagementHIBUN Server

HIBUN Server
HIBUN Server manages HIBUN Device Control and HIBUN Data Encryption more effectively.
The Security administrator can apply copy control policy for users and manage data access and copy logs.


HIBUN Server (management server)

HIBUN Server (management server) is a server program managing HIBUN Device Control and HIBUN Data Encryption users. This program is also used to manage other HIBUN servers such as file servers and log relay servers.

HIBUN Server (file server)

HIBUN Server (file server) is a server program that is used to register encrypted shared folders on the server. This program is used in conjunction with HIBUN Data Encryption to prevent unauthorized data reproduction by controlling access to encrypted data.

HIBUN Server (log relay server)

HIBUN Server (log relay server) is a program that saves the administrator log and the logs acquired by HIBUN Device Control and HIBUN Data Encryption.

Operating Environment

OS One of the following operating systems is required to run the HIBUN Server. Note that when Windows is 64-bit Edition, you can install HIBUN server software only in WOW64#1 mode.
Windows Server 2016 Standard #2
Windows Server 2016 Datacenter #2
Windows Server 2019 Standard #2
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter #2
Windows Server 2022 Standard #2
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter #2
CPU A CPU of greater than 2 GHz
Mounted memory Greater than 4 GB
Hard disk (system drive) space • At Installation
590 MB (Management server: 425 MB/File server: 55 MB/Log relay server: 110 MB) • During operation
At least 3 GB (Management server: at least 1 GB/File server: at least 1 GB #3/Log relay server: at least 1 GB #4)
Other specific
When client management tool is required:
 - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 #5
When iKey authentication #6 is required:
 - iKey driver
When using eToken by eToken authentication in an environment where it is impossible to connect to the Internet #6:

- The program required for eToken must be manually installed.Please contact our company or your sales representative to learn how to acquire the program required for eToken.

  • #1: The 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported. In a 64-bit version of the OS, runs on WOW64.
    WOW64 mode refers to the Windows operating mode that emulates a 32-bit version of Windows on a 64-bit version of Windows.
  • #2: The Server Core and the Nano Server configuration are not available.
  • #3: When you register a folder as a shared confidential folder or unregister a shared confidential folder, the drive containing the shared confidential folder must have the amount of free space calculated by using the following formula.
     ・ 100 MB + size of the largest folder in a shared confidential folder
  • #4: The amount of disk space required to run the log relay server depends on the nature of user operations, the log level settings, and your backup policy. Monitor the disk space usage of the log relay server after installation, and optimize the log level settings and backup policy according to the available disk space.
  • #5: There is no limit on the application of updated programs or service packs in the version listed.
  • #6: iKey or eToken authentication includes the following:
     - Using smart login
     - Using multistage login
     - Using iKey-based offline login(eToken-based offline login)
     - Using iKey/eToken authentication

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