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Confidential File Viewer

Confidential File Viewer is an application for referencing HIBUN confidential files.
You can download Confidential File Viewer from the following URL and use it for free.

Confidential File Viewer

HIBUN Confidential File types

Decryptable HIBUN Confidential files *
Information included in this file type is highly secured. A password is needed for decryption.
Viewable HIBUN Confidential file
Encrypted file used for viewing. File editing, printing, content copying and using the screen capture function are not permitted.

* HIBUN Confidential files created using HIBUN series or HIBUN AE Series.

How to Use the Confidential File Viewer

1.Install the Confidential File Viewer.
2.Double click Decryptable HIBUN Confidential files or Viewable HIBUN Confidential files.
3.Enter the password needed to decrypt the file.

  • For information about how to use the Confidential File Viewer, see the Readme file.

Confidential File Decryption program for HIBUN AE Series

You can download Confidential File Decryption program for HIBUN AE Series from the following URL.


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