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User policy management/Log acquisitionHIBUN AE Server

HIBUN V10 Products are no longer sold after June 30 2017.

Customers who have HIBUN V10 can purchase additional HIBUN V10 licenses by end of June 2022.

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HIBUN AE Server-Support total security

HIBUN AE Server helps companies enforce the security of confidential data with its comprehensive management of users, files, and logs.

  • Centralized user policy management
  • Acquire operation log


<User policy management>
Each users' data copy policy can be defined in detail. Also, authorities for groups, such as temporary employee, permanent employee, board members can be defined. All these configurations are consolidated to be managed by an administrator. Group settings can link with active directory.
<Acquire operation log>
Acquire user operation log when the data leaves from PC. Verify the event of data copy which records the time, user name, filename and others, from centralized log. The encrypted log prevent its falsification.
<Links between HIBUN Products and the HIBUN AE Server>
Product name Product function Linked HIBUN AE Server function
HIBUN AE Information Cypher Encrypts PCs and external media Management server function (policy management)
Log server function (acquire, display and search log)
HIBUN AE Information Fortress Controls removal of data from PCs to external media Management server function (user management, policy management)
Log server function (acquire, display and search log)

Operating Environment

OS The English version of the following operation system are supported. When using Windows is 64-bit Edition, you can install HIBUN server software only in WoW64*1 mode.
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard*2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter*2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (with Update or not)*2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (with Update or not)*2
CPU A CPU of 2 GHz or greater
Memory 2 GB minimum
HDD The management server must have at least 530 MB of free space, and the file server or log server must have at least 1 GB of free space.
Prerequisite Programs When the HIBUN AE console (Management Server, File Server, and Device Information Management) is required:
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 (SP1) / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5
When HIBUN AE Console - Client Management is required:
• Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 (SP1) / 3.5
*1: WoW64 mode refers to the Windows operating mode that emulates a 32-bit version of Windows on a 64-bit version of Windows.
*2: The Server Core configuration and the Minimal Server Interface configuration are not supported.

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