SuperJ Engine Framework

Hitachi Solutions


OSGi is regarded as the best service oriented platform for supporting next generation smart systems, such as smart cities, smart houses, and smart factories. The SuperJ Engine family supports the entire life cycle of these OSGi services with Java VM/OSGi framework/bundle middleware/tools.

Line up

SuperJ Engine Framework [OSGi Framework]
Application framework for dynamic installation and execution of Java applications via remote network. Only Japanese product conforming to the latest OSGi V.4.2 specification.
SuperJ Engine Bundles [OSGi Service application suite]
Bundles (i.e. Java applications that run on OSGi) that implement standard functions required for services using OSGi.
SuperJ Engine [Java VM for Embedded Environments]
Java VM optimized for embedded devices. Based on CDC from Oracle, performance is achieved by compiler technology that Hitachi Solutions is well versed with. Not only performance, also reliability and portability are implemented and thus can be applied to wide range of embedded devices.
SuperJ Engine Tools [Debugger and Tracers]
Aspect oriented debugger and tracer for embedded Java that strongly support Java application debugging that was quite difficult so far.

Features of OSGi Platform

Adding new services via remote update

The server can control such as add, delete, start, and stop applications running on the devices without rebooting them.

Thus without cumbersome human intervention, services can be added.

Composed of modules and open specification

Module functions are interoperable. Thus a new service can be implemented by just combining required modules.

As the specification is open, products from third parties can be integrated without difficulty.

Suitable for network services and rigid security

Network services such as Servlet and UpnP are available. And conforming to the access control specification for each module, a system with rigid security can be implemented.

Features of SuperJ Engine Family

Only Certified Japanese product (as of April of 2011)

There are only 4 products in the world that are certified conforming to the latest specification OSGi R4 V4.2. Among those, SuperJ Engine Framework is the only Japanese product that is certified.

Hitachi Solutions develops from scratch, and is versed with precise detail. Therefore, satisfactory supports are available.

Better performance by cooperating with VM

Only Hitachi Solutions provides embedded Java VM and OSGi platform as a single suite.

By cooperating with the proprietary VM, additional functions and better performance are achieved such as speedier start up of OSGi and resource monitoring on memory and threads.

Light and concise for embedded devices

Suitable for embedded devices, its OSGi implementation is light and concise. For example, the total file size of frameworks is 200KB, and that of Servlet is 87KB.

Server components also available

The server components required for deploying applications are also available. Hitachi Solutions supports deploying modules from the server and its management.